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A point of clarity around the restrictions on the white paper – it is 1000 words NOT INCLUDING the approximate 150 words already in the proposal template? 2. March 2016

Yes that is correct.

If the pitch video is over 3 minutes is that grounds for being inadmissible? We are 3min:30 and are wondering if we need to edit the pitch to match the suggested time. 29. February 2016

Thanks for the question.

In fairness to other applicants, all applicants must stay within the page and video length limits.  Pitches that are over the limits will not be forwarded to the pitch review panel.


I’m trying to get an idea of how best to communicate our pitch so it’s easily consumable by the panel. Is it possible for you to give me an idea of the makeup of the selection panel so we can get a sense of the audience we’re writing for? For example, are the evaluators academics/researchers? Medical professionals? Men with lived experience? 26. February 2016

For this stage, we are pulling together a very broad panel to review pitches. The panel will be comprised of individuals who are mental health professionals, social innovators and design thinkers, thought leaders, people with lived experience and subject matter experts.


Hi, I have a point I need clarifying. Near the end of page two of the invitation to pitch letter in point 2.1 a white paper is mentioned. What is this or where can I read it? Thank you for this opportunity. 25. February 2016

The whitepaper refers to the proposal that will be submitted as part of the pitch.  There are not additional documents outside of the original resources provided and available on fluid review for the process.

How many Pilot Project Grants do you anticipate making after the Evaluation Panel ? Thanks 25. February 2016

Dependant on the quality of the submissions, as indicated in the background document, up to 50 x $25k /£12.5k development grants will be awarded after the pitch review under Phase 1 and a minimum of 14 x $200k /£100k pilot grants awarded under Phase 2.

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